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What Does My "Selfie" Say

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

by Bryan T. Hixson

Selfie's for social media have become the norm, as have self-indulged opinions that fan flames of ill-will and discontent. What impact is being made through your "face" on social media?

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

There is something about social media that I can’t help but see as it flaunts itself every day. I don’t know what to call it or how to characterize it, and yet I see it. I wonder what it means, what it says about who we are, what we’ve become, or where we are headed.  Whether it's Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or any of the other 200 social media sites listed in Wikipedia, it’s as though they reflect one mega self-indulged selfie.

Not to dis’ the picture selfie, but it seems social media flaunts self or at minimum self-interest. Yes, I’m a partaker. I read what others have to say and I post what I want others to read. I love the connectivity aspect of social media. I love seeing some of what others are doing and some of what others think. 

On the other side of the equation, I dislike poor communication that can leave people confused, hurt, or further divided or devalued. I dislike reading some of what others think and seeing some of what others are doing. Some things simply don’t improve the well-being others and perspective of us.

It seems that some have decided that choice parts of life are to be lived in social media. Some opine a dislike for a party, a position, or group of people as though the stinging venom from behind the technology wall will bring someone to another point of view. Only with rare exception would the same words be spoken face-to-face; by the same people, to every person in one's “friend list.” I can easily find myself cheering a position and cursing the other while trying to reconcile in my mind friendships that social media tell me are impossible.

Others flame their dislike for this-or-that as though the world cares, and as if the fire will somehow rebuild what is being further burnt down. I could toss my own fuel on the fire to support my positions, but recognize my relationships are worth more than feeding a flame.

There is the redeeming value of social media through the occasional birthday greeting, birth or event announcement, family pics, and positive items for awareness, even a recipe, encouraging video, information, news, or inspirational quote. Perhaps it’s a tip or an encouragement, a resource or a contact, that brings potentially positive value to something that too often hurts rather than heals, breaks down rather than builds up, curses rather than blesses.

Don’t misunderstand – I love social media. It has negative and positive potential. I just hope my engagement is the later because whatever I post is ultimately a selfie of sorts that reflects who and whose I am. If my social media selfie hurts, breaks, or curses, then "unfriend" and replace me with friends who heal, build up, and bless.

* Social Media Selfie – in the context of this article it is the cumulative of all posted to social media by one person.

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