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Instructional Design

Scroll through the redacted needs analysis sample to the right. To zoom in on any page, click the image in the scroll window. Find other instructional design work samples linked below.


Learning Objectives

Screen Shot 2020-05-03 at 9.24.26 AM.png
  • Flowcharts from the design phase of the "Fossil Life of the National Parks" course.


Fundraising-Flow Sample.png


  • Flowchart from 1 of 10 modules for Kansas rural social workers.

  • Flowchart from course design training.

  • The flowchart pictured below can be viewed in the Needs Analysis image sequence above.

Needs Analysis

  • Storyboard Model 1 - Developed and used in the production of a 40-hour, 10-module CBT series for social workers. 

  • Storyboard Model 2 - (click below) Used in the design process of a Fossil Life of the National Parks course. (click images to zoom)


Usability Testing

Evaluation & Maintenance


Note: the above samples have been redacted.

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