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I am the husband of a brilliant science professor (Dr. Holly Hixson) and an exceptional mother of two incredible daughters. I have been blessed to live and work in Oklahoma, Kansas, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Rwanda, Africa. I have also had the incredible opportunity to serve in 10 different countries and experience numerous cultures. Diverse work and service opportunities have given me knowledge and experience that I believe can encourage, inspire, motivate, and develop you and/or your team/organization.

I am eager to use my broad experiences and perspectives to encourage, motivate, inspire, and develop others to go impact now. 

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What to expect

Through leadership in education, training & development, international non-profit development, and instructional, multimedia, & graphic design I have positively impacted individuals and institutions toward their mission and objectives. Each opportunity I have had, whether the environment has been corporate or private, has allowed me to bridge divides, to foster unity amongst vast diversity, and to build community. I enjoy using these unique experiences and perspectives to serve a diverse global community.

Organizations, ministries, and development projects I have led and facilitated, have involved working with people from the depths of poverty to executives and cabinet ministers. I intend to use my people skills and broad experience to continue making a positive difference in the lives of people and organizations.

I am an astute observer, team player, and servant leader who is committed to integrity and character. As a people-oriented person, I highly value a customer service focus seeking effective solutions through collaboration and creative thinking. I am a practical implementer with big vision perspective who seeks win-win solutions. I believe that everyone has something to offer and something to learn, and as such, I consider myself a life-long learner who is eager to share.

Professional Summary

I have had the unique pleasure of working* & serving internationally (Rwanda*, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Estonia, Germany, Peru, Portugal, & Venezuela.) This experience has given me opportunity and experience that has stretched and molded perspective and understanding of diverse people and cultures.


I have also been fortunate to work in corporate and private institutions in sectors of education (PreK-12 & university, secular & Christian) pharmaceutical, technology, public safety, and faith. In this broad employment background, the central element for all has been understanding and serving people.  


Whether it was students, staff, board, parents, executives, professional staff, technicians, or parishioners and pastoral teams in churches, being able to effectively impact others through communication has been at the center of my life and career.

Roles Held

Specific roles I have held include:


  • leadership

  • training and development

  • teaching & coaching

  • management & administration

  • partnership development

  • institutional development

  • board leadership & policy development

  • multicultural affairs

  • communications

  • web-based training and development

  • instructional design & content development

  • business integration

  • computer-based training development

  • multimedia design and development

  • graphic design

  • fundraising development

  • preaching


Organizations Served


Organizations I have served include:



  • SAIC


  • ROC Partners

    • Kigali International Community School

    • Christ’s Church Rwanda

    • various development partners

  • Oklahoma Christian University (OC)

  • Eli Lilly & Co.

  • Advanced Systems Technology

  • Kansas State University


I am eager to use this broad experience and perspective to encourage, motivate, inspire, and develop others to go impact now. Through story and illustration, I am able to engage and connect, empowering audiences to: 

go serve,

     go inspire,

           go bless,

                 go lead,

                       go love,

                             and go impact now!


To learn more about how my family has chosen to impact others click here.

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